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To realize that tag, you'll need the plugins FM tile tools, Graphic plus, Alien skin Eye Candy 5 / Impact and Nature

and the material zip here


*It is forbidden to suppress watermarks on the material provided , to alter, mist or rename the tubes in order to respect the work of the tubers

- The tube of the woman and the background I have used are by JHanna

You'll be able to get her tubes by joining in her sharing group here

 - One of the brushes I have used is by LadyVictoire

- One of the masks I have used is by Reverie

- The other elements have been found on the net



Duplicate your tubes, masks and background; close the originals and minimize the copies for now. Export your brushes in your psp as custom brushes


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You can use my arrow to follow your work



1- Open a new transparent image of 800 by 650 pixels

2- Flood fill that layer with a colour of your choice; I have chosen the colour turquoise  d5fcfa

3- Add a new raster layer and select all

4- Open Jhanna_128_background or a background of your choice, copy it and paste it into the selection

Select none

5- Effects / plugins / FM tile tools / Blend emboss default but Gray level at 255 ! ( this effect will work on this particular background I have chosen )

6- Set the mode of that layer to Multiply

If the result doesn't match your main tube , try to choose another mode for that layer or try another background or change the colour of your first layer ( raster 1) !!!!!

7- We're now going to create light effects by using a mask and a brightful gradient

- Set your colour palette with two colours out of your main tube

My choice: Foreground : colour  f4e3bf

Background : colour 7c6849

8 - Set your foreground with a linear gradient, angle 45, repeats 0, Invert checked

Add a new raster layer and flood fill it with your gradient

9- Effects / plugins / Graphic plus / cross shadow default

10- Layers / new mask layer / from image / mask 1217491254 from Reverie / only check Source Luminance

Adjust / sharpness / sharpen more

Merge group

11- Layers / duplicate

12- Effects / image effects  / Offset / - 100, 0, check Custom and Transparent

13- Layers / new mask layer / from image / mask 2 jpeg / only check Source Luminance

Merge group

14- Layers / merge down

Set the mode of that layer to your liking (I have chosen the mode Overlay )

15- Open the tube Clouds_SilTerencio, copy it and paste it as a new layer

Place that layer at the bottom of your tag

16- Duplicate that layer two or three times so that the bottom of your tag is covered with clouds ( Later on, your main tube will be placed on those clouds )

17- Play around with the modes of your different clouds layers ( I have used the modes Overlay, Screen and Luminance Legacy )

18- Open the tube JHanna_160-...or a tube of your choice, copy it and paste it as a new layer

Resize JHanna's tube at 75%

Adjust / sharpness / sharpen

Place your tube as shown on my tag

I have lowered the opacity of the layer to 95 but it's up to you to do it or not !

19- Effects / 3d effects / drop shadow / 0, 10, 30, 10, black

20 - Set your foreground with the colour you wish to use to draw the grass we're going to put at the bottom of the tag

I have chosen the very light colour f4f2d2

- Add a new raster layer

Activate your brush tool, set as below and apply the brush LadyVictoria_foliage_3 or a brush of your choice, at the bottom of your tag

21- If you haven't got Psp 12 and can't use LadyVictoria brush, you may use my tube "grass_fairymist" and colorize it if necessary

22- Add a new raster layer

With your tool brush set as on point 20 , apply your brush Starry12 ( size about 300 pixels ) or a brush of your choice, with a colour of your choice ( I have used the same colour as on point 20 ) in the top hand right corner of your tag; you may have to duplicate that layer to get a deeper colour !

23- Add a new raster layer

With your text tool , write your own title or use my tube "titre_zen_fairymist" included in the zip

Place that title where it suits you

24- Add a new raster layer

Activate the preset shape tool set as below, draw a shape of your choice ( flower, star, heart .....) in the top left hand corner of your tag

Add as many layers as you want to draw shapes ! Vary the sizes ! Swap your background and foreground colour to make a change ! Have fun !!!

25- Add a new raster layer and apply your signature

26- Make sure everything is in its place

Merge all and copy that layer

27- Image / add some symmetrical borders of 1 pixel with your light colour

28  - Layers / Promote Background layer

29- Image / resize at 90% ( Resize all the layers NOT checked )

30 - Effects / Alien skin Eye candy 5/ Impact / Perspective shadow / drop shadow blurry

31-Add a new raster layer

Layers / arrange / move down

Select all

32- Paste into the selection ( the copy of your tag )

Select none

33- Effects / plugins / Alien skin Eye candy 5 / Nature / Ripples / Waves, small and blurry default

34- Image / add some symmetrical borders of 1 pixel with your light colour

35 - Save your work as a jpeg file and resize it if necessary


That's it !! You've done it !!

If you 've enjoyed doing my tutorial, it would be nice to write a few words in my guest book ! If you 've had the slightest problem, please, send me a mail here so I can see to the problem !

Tutorial translated on the 13th of june 2009


Thank you Annemarie for your lovely version

and for your beautiful script ( click on the tag, to see it )


































































Ruth from Canada

You can see all the versions that are on the French tutorial page here